5 Tips for Better Customer Experiences

By John Battistini, Director of User Experience

As marketers it feels like there is never enough time to plan out what we want to do. Chances are you’re rushing to meet a deadline right now. But, by remembering to be customer-centric in everything you do, you can make the most out of the limited planning time you have. Because sometimes the faster we go, the easier it is to lose sight of who it’s all for: the customer.


Uncover Customer Motivations

  • Don’t just define the customer with tons of background details
  • Demographics are important, but not the entire story


Create Content That Fills Unmet Needs

  • Don’t create content solely focused on brand or product features
  • Create an experience that tells the customer how they will benefit from the product or service


Visualize How the Customer Sees Things

  • Don’t always look inward, look at your brand from the customer perspective
  • Develop content, messaging, offers and sites that match customer thinking


Personalize Your Message

  • Don’t speak to all your audiences in the same way
  • Tailor messages and offers based on specific customer needs and behaviors


Consider the Entire Customer Experience

  • Don’t create experiences based only on immediate marketing goals
  • Align experiences with customer needs throughout the full journey, not just in the sales funnel

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