who we are

We are guided by a simple belief: we live in the future. Our curiosity and optimism about the future motivates us to dive deep into our clients’ businesses. We consult with founders, CEOs, CCOs and CMOs on the technology, people, trends and market variables that define the world in which they — and their businesses — operate.

We believe in ideas that reach beyond the screen — in digital experiences that inspire real-world action. The stories we tell are always designed to move people to act, to share, to see things differently, to spread the word, to fall back in love with a brand, and ultimately, to buy.

Our goal? Everything we do must be conceived thoughtfully, planned meticulously and delivered beautifully, always with an eye toward connecting with high-value, hard-to-reach audiences and driving them through the marketing conversion funnel.


We’re out there. Connecting with each other and mapping conversations around the world. Our 65 global offices bring innovative new ideas to projects across all of our practices and specialties. We make the full range of Edelman expertise and perspective accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Wherever you are, we’re there too.

global leadership

Thomas Crampton

Global Chair, Digital

Courtney Barnes

Executive Vice President, U.S. Director of Business Development

Jessica Clifton

U.S. Head of Digital

Sybil Grieb

U.S. Head of Influencer Strategy and Programming

Toby Gunton

General Manager, Digital, London

Adam Hirsch

Executive Vice President, Emerging Media & Technologies

John Kerr

Vice Chairman, Digital and Performance, APACMEA

Joe Kingsbury

Managing Director, B2B

Duc Le

Global Managing Director, Strategic Operations

Tristan Roy

Managing Director, Canada & Latin America

Ming Yee

Executive Vice President, Global Technology & Operations

local leadership

Kunal Arora


Tom Cochran

Washington, DC

Raymond de Coninck


Kate DuBois


Alexandre Faure


Dave Fleet


Andrew Foote

New York

Manuel Frank


Rogerio Gonçalves

São Paulo

Alex Lefley


Andy McKinney

San Francisco

David Moran


Christine Park


Darragh Rea


Abby Ryan


Andrew Ryder

Hong Kong

Zachary Tindall

Southern California

Megan Tweed

Pacific Northwest

Daniel Yang