What Facebook’s New Emphasis on Immersive Experience Means for Advertisers

What Facebook’s New Emphasis on Immersive Experience Means for Advertisers

By Matthew Stanton, Senior Strategist, Emerging Media & Technology

Last week, Facebook announced it is testing augmented reality advertisements on its News Feed, a significant update to the company’s advertising inventory. These newly available AR capabilities for brands will allow users to try on sunglasses, makeup, or even interact with an automobile, for instance. Consumers will continue to see the traditional ads as usual, but these innovative ones will include a call-to-action such as “tap to try it on” that will open up the immersive experience.

This year at F8, Facebook announced the emergence of bot-delivered AR advertising experiences. Brands gained the ability to drive users to interact with products within the Messenger ecosystem. Kia, Nike, and Sephora were among the first brands to explore this feature. This week’s announcement is an important evolution because Facebook now brings this experience directly to the user’s News Feed, one of the primary sources of content consumption of our time.

AR experiences will provide a new source of data for brands. Amongst the information that can be gathered via these ads are: the number of unique people using the lens, the number of people who took photos with the lens, and whether an action was taken (install, purchase, webpage visit). Brands looking to connect with their audiences in an interactive capacity and through a new technology should consider leveraging this new offering.

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